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Hire a Former Insurance Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case

When you’ve been in a car accident, your whole life can be turned upside down. An injury can sideline you at work, and you find yourself losing income and missing out on opportunities for overtime or promotions. At home, the bills (and the housework) pile up, and income may be further slashed if a spouse has to take extra time off to care for you.

The law requires all vehicles to be insured precisely to cover these situations, but what happens when the insurance company drags their feet, continually nitpicks or questions every bill, or even outright refuses to pay?

Why You Should Hire a Former Insurance Lawyer for Your Car Accident Personal Injury Case
Get a Big Picture View
A former insurance lawyer has seen it all. At a glance, they can tell what your case is worth, help you understand what’s happening behind the scenes at the insurance company, and give you a clear idea of what it will take to see your case through to the end.

Armed with this sort of information, you’ll know how to plan your strategy. It will also be easier to make the best use of your time and budget your finances.

Get Better Protection
When you’ve been injured in an accident, you can expect calls and even visits from the other party’s insurance company pretty quickly. Some insurance companies genuinely want to pay what they owe and find out what happened. Some companies aren’t this honorable.

In some cases, these calls are all about getting you to say something that can later be used as an excuse to avoid or reduce payment. You won’t know which kind of insurance company you’re dealing with until it’s too late, but with a former insurance lawyer on your side, you’ll have someone who can take these calls for you and keep you protected.

Get It All Over With More Quickly
One tactic unscrupulous insurance companies take is to hold up payments and lawsuits for as long as possible. Compared to the individual seeking redress, the insurance company has unlimited resources and attorneys on retainer. They can afford to allow cases to drag out until you don’t have any more money to fight with and are forced to settle in a way that benefits them.

When you have a former insurance lawyer on your side, you have someone who knows every trick in the book. They know what to watch out for, recognize delay tactics when they see them, and can keep everything moving.

Get Out of Going to Court
In many cases, settling outside of court (if it’s a good settlement) is better. It’s cheaper, faster, and involves a lot less stress for you. By working with a former insurance lawyer, you have a better chance of coming out well in out-of-court settlements.

A former insurance lawyer will know the best people to talk with and the right tactics to take to get a good settlement and avoid a prolonged battle in court.

Get an Experienced Lawyer on Your Side
Work with a family-led team dedicated to getting you the outcome you deserve. Call the Wright Legal Group today for cost-effective service, clear explanations, and the inside track about what’s going on at the insurance company.